sticks.jpegName: Sharpened Stick Shop
Location: King's Landing (Fleabottom)
Type: Craftsman
Size: One small stall
Condition: Well-maintained for a shop in Fleabottom

Inhabitants: Criminals, smallfolk, Ser Twig (owner), Ser Yeeg Drazeel

Run by "Ser Twig", The Sharpened Stick Shop is a stall in Fleabottom that specializes in makeshift weapons that even the most pathetic peasant could afford. Not just offering their namesake, even crude iron blades can find their way into this shop. In addition, for more wealthy customers, a selection of deviously concealable weapons are available for purchase, including slim blades that can be disguised as wooden spoons, hidden in bowls, pendants, buckles, religious symbols and even coins. The shop therefore uses these many items as its front, though those who might attempt to purchase one of their items at face value will get a mundane item of their desire. The recognized code phrase to indicate legitimate purchase of a weapon is "I need a (item) fit for a nobleman." It often sees lots of business in times of strife, when smallfolk, peasants and criminals are eager to get their hands on weapons, and many a mob has been completely supplied by this humble shop.
The shop is frequented by the rather bizarre knight, Ser Yeeg Drazeel, who actually makes use of some of their crude weaponry. Woe be unto any criminal that tries to rob the owner, for he may find the shop's namesake pointed at or thrown threw him if Drazeel is about that day.