SerenaFinley.jpgName: Serena Finley
Age: 23
Sex: Female
Archetype: Merchant
Location: Garden of Bars (King's Landing)
Affiliations: None

Character Background and Description

A young, half-Dornish woman who runs a spice trading business in King's Landing. She frequently visits the Garden of Bars to purchase their comparatively cheap herbs for sale in other districts to customers that cannot make the journey, but otherwise deals in importing spices from outside Westeros. Serena is oddly tall for someone of Dornish descent, a trait she likely receives from the other half of her blood which she prefers not to discuss. She has long brown hair, and darker than average skin. She is not married, and consequently takes various precautions in her work. When doing business with clients, she will generally send a male employee in her stead and refer to herself as “Seran” Finley.

Deception comes second nature to Serena, so when dealing with her, one had best have a good ear for lies or a deep coin purse. She is fully honest in her business, that is, she would never lie about the herbs or spices she was selling. However, she has a side trade in information, and is quite likely to lie if she thinks the information will somehow damage her reputation or either of her businesses. Furthermore, she often masquerades as one of her own servants in an effort to make herself less of a target, but few people are aware of this deception. She tends to be driven by greed, but makes most of her wealth through honest business practices rather than shady backroom deals and criminal actions.

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