YeegDrazeel.jpgName: Ser Yeeg Drazeel
Age: 35
Sex: Male
Archetype: Anointed Knight
Location: Sharpened Stick Shop (King's Landing)
Affiliations: The Stark family

Character Background and Description

A rare and true anointed knight from the North, Ser Yeeg is an oddity in more ways than one. Although he professes belief in the Seven, hence his status as a knight, many of his peers suspect that he truly puts his faith in the old gods. However, he is quiet enough about his actual beliefs that he has managed to remain a knight. For one in his position, he is very laid back when not on the field of battle, an attitude earned through years of fighting against the vicious creatures of the North. His face is scarred and he keeps his graying black hair trimmed as neatly as possible.

Most unusual is Ser Yeeg's choice of arms: simple spears. Rather than fighting with traditional weapons, such as a long sword, a lance, or even a club, he chooses to take down his opponents by throwing wooden more or less disposable spears at them. This unorthodox strategy has lead to his nickname, “The Branch of Weirwood.” Nevertheless, Drazeel is a ruthless warrior who has been known to take down opponents wearing plate mail by piercing them between the gaps in the armor; his dexterity is not to be underestimated.

Although he he prefers to fashion his own spears, while in King's Landing it is hard for Ser Yeeg to come across reasonable materials for doing so. Consequently, he is a frequent customer of, and something of a guardian to, the Sharpened Stick Shop. Despite the crude nature of the shop and its dubious location, he swears by the quality of their work.

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