Name: "Twig" Nov_6_web.jpg
Age: 42
Sex: Male
Archetype: Merchant
Location: Sharpened Stick Shop
Affiliations: The citizens of Flea Bottom

Character Background and Description
Ser Twig, as he is now called (thanks to Ser Yeeg Drazeel)
is the proprietor of the famous Sharpened Stick Shop of Flea Bottom. Standing at an average height, Twig is of fair complexion and sports a large blond beard matted with twigs, hence the name. His garb is dull, but well maintained for a resident of Flea Bottom. He often sports a kind smile, hoping that he weapons may save a life or two.
Twig often watched as the children in Flea Bottom hunted for small animals (and even the occasional stray cat) as a sort of game. Surprisingly they were quite effective at catching their prey with nothing more than some sticks they had found lying in the street. He came to realize that a good stick was just as good as any old weapon when properly sharpened. People needed a way to protect themselves, and people would always pay for protection, especially in a place such as Flea Bottom. And thus the Sharpened Stick Shop was born. Twig spent many day's collecting and sharpening sticks of various size that he could find in the streets. Business was outstanding, so much so that Twig was forced to hire children to collect sticks to keep up with the demand. However despite his success, Twig began to regret opening the shop. The number of stabbings in Flea Bottom had skyrocketed since his shop had opened, and he could not help but feel responsible. Many citizens of Flea Bottom agreed with this sentiment, and surrounded Twig, ready to lynch him with the very sticks he has sold them. It was only due to a heroic speech by Ser Yeeg Drazeel that he was saved, as he regaled the crowd with the many victories he had won thanks to his sticks. The citizens of Flea Bottom soon forgot their grudge, and businesses resumed as usual at the Sharpened Stick Shop. Although the number of stabbings stabilized, Twig still couldn't help but feel a bit guilty over having armed such unstable people.
Twig has since expanded his stock to a wider range of weapons for wealthier clientele, hoping they would treat such weapons more responsibly. Even nobles need a sharpened stick from time to time.

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