Name:Ser Khurt Turseexternal image 06251b643715a912564ae39050a51bd1.jpg
Age: 44
Sex: M
Archetype: Anointed Knight
Location: Garden of Bars
Affiliations: Warden of the garden

Character Background and Description
Turse is an anointed knight pledged directly to the crown, his deeds having been standard military feats during King Robert’s War. Hailing from the Stormlands, Turse, then a hedge knight, knew Robert before the war and was one of the first to take up his banner independently. During the war he fought valiantly on the vanguard time and time again, taking advantage of his extremely large size. After the war was won, Robert had him take an oath to the crown, and permanently placed him in the easy life as a permanent guard at the Garden of Bars as a reward for his efforts.

Ser Turse handles most of his interactions with a heavy amount of sarcasm. Age and accomplishment usually allow him to speak in whichever he wishes with other guards, prisoners, and even the warden of the Garden. While the days are dull, he likes to make conversation with the prisoners (mostly women) especially one prisoner by the name of Lina Wars and passes the time by hearing stories or reminiscing about past battles. His favorite activity is to teach other guards military strategy or fighting moves by demonstrating them on them.

While he has permanent food and lodging, Ser Turse is becoming increasingly agitated in the boring and uneventful Garden, and is currently looking for a way to move somewhere more active, or at least more populated. A heavy socializer, he is tired of speaking to the same nine guards, and prisoners are usually too uninteresting for his tastes.