06fa4850d3e2c3efcbe428a226e850c9.jpgName: Arabasir Uldomvar
Age: 44
Sex: Male
Archetype: Knight
Location: Dorne
Affiliations: House Sekhmet, Garrison on Sanctuary Lake

Character Background and Description
Ser Arabasir Uldomvar hails from a lineage allegedly going back as far as the Sekhmet bloodline itself, owing his fealty to his ancestors' cooperation with those of the Sekhmet in the original founding of the house. Ser Uldomvar holds this responsibility in the highest of regards and noblest of honors despite the questionable actions. A no-nonsense and stern fellow, Arabasir is a wiry man of five feet and eight inches. Though approaching 45 years, his face appears far wizened, having proved his mettle in countless conflicts since his joining of the garrison at 17 years. His unwavering loyalty to the lord of House Sekhmet is sometimes to the point where those under his command question whether he has any free will at all. Whether these accusations are unfounded or not, Ser Arabasir is a valuable asset to the garrison, well-versed in combat and a master of discipline, much to his suboordinates' dismay. Ser Uldomvar is a man of routine, almost never seen outside of his ornate armor and it is rare to find his right hand resting somewhere other than the hilt of his sword Sand Fury, a pristine curved sword that has been passed down through his family for as far back as he cares to tell, polished every morning with a fresh coat of scorpion venom. Though his past battles have left him scarred, he shows no signs of faltering, steadfast and unwavering in service to House Sekhmet.