Name: Seasalt MineIronGoldHill.jpg
Location: Westerlands
Type: Mine
Size: Small
Condition: Old, but well maintained
Inhabitants: A few dozen smallfolk miners

It is unclear what prompted House Eisengold to dig beneath these hills: some say it was another of Eurys's prophetic dreams, while others maintain it was an accident involving a misfired catapult. Regardless, Seasalt Mine is the chief asset of the House on land, indeed, the very source of their fortune. The mine is located just to the east of Nemisport, and those who are not employed in the port or the House itself work in the mines.

The Seasalt Mine is a rich source of both iron and gold, with a greater amount of the former. Although it is an important place to House Eisengold, it is far from safe. The mine is well maintained, but the close proximity to the sea means that many of the passages lead to long forgotten sea caves, and the smallfolk often tell horror stories of chambers filling with sea water at high tide, drowning any unfortunate souls that may have been inside. They also say that on a clear night, when the moon is full, you can hear the roars of the mythical Sea Lions from deep within the bowels of the mine. For the most part though, these are tall tales made to keep the children out of it; for a trained miner, these caverns are no worse than any other mine.

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