sample_pc.pngName: Say-kat Sand
Age: 33
Sex: Male
Archetype: Bandit/Outlaw
Barren Heel
The Sons of the Sand

Character Background and Description
Preferring to hide his aging and scared enamel-plate armor, Say-kat Sand, the Baron of Barren is an experienced man. Standing just shy of six feet, a nomad of thin build and a dark olive complexion often seen wandering among the ridges on the outskirt of Barren Heel. Among his most important possessions is an old ancestral scimitar. Say-kat is a master at deception, often preferring to slip a dagger between ribs than to fight in direct combat. However, should the need arise, his adept skill in scimitar combat is his most trusted ally.
In actuality, he is a prominent leader of the bandit group The Sons of the Sand, and Say-kat will often wear light-wrapped cloth over the plate armor. While this form of outerwear may appear more at home among the nomadic groups of the Dornish desert, Say-kat continues to maintain that his bloodline could be traced, generation after generation, from the initial conception of the sons, after the fall of House Osiron.
While none refute that Say-kat could have some of House Osiron's blood, it is widely rumored that Say-kat changed his name when he joined The Sons of the Sand. Be careful to avoid that topic if you ever meet him, as it can cause Say-kat to quickly become raging inferno of anger. Quicker to take coin than to slit the typical throat, Say-kat remains as a consistent visitor of Lakeview Commons, preferring to remain anonymous among the fishermen selling their wares just as he attempts to sell his.
If nothing else could be said of Say-kat, it would be the years of harsh desert life had formed him into an expert of survival. While the military might of The Sons of the Sand made him respectable, his true strength lies in his need to survive.