Name: Sarsfield LibrarySarsfield Library.png
Location: Visenya's District
Type: Library
Size: Large
Condition: Old, but well-maintained

Inhabitants: Librarians, Maesters(Maester Tobin, Maester Gylan), Elric Magnus, other educated patrons

The Sarsfield Library, named so in dedication to the accomplishments of renowned scholar and master Tavion Sarsfield, was constructed in 175 AC, shorty after the death of Baelor the Blessed. Much like the Great Sept of Baelor, the Sarsfield Library boats an impressive size and elegant construction.

The Sarsfield Library contains one of the more impressive collections of knowledge in the whole of Westeros, second only to such paragons as the library of the Citadel. Located in Visenya’s District of King’s Landing, near the plaza at the city’s center, the Sarsfield Library sees frequent patronage from the city’s more educated residents. Visiting lords and nobles have also been known to seek out the library, hoping to make use of its wealth of information and records to solve one problem or another. In addition to its historical texts, the library is also renowned for its many works of fiction and medicine.