Name: Sarissa Fenshawmiddle_ages_by_kozyafffka-d8734sy.jpg
Age: 47
Sex: Female
Archetype: Wife of Ebben Fenshaw, Mother of Raynard and Ranel Fenshaw, Nobility
Location: House Fenshaw Hold (The North)
Affiliations: House Fenshaw

Character Background and Description

Sarissa has long brown hair and beautiful blue eyes that her children later inherit from her. She was said to be the most beautiful woman in the northeast and she had many suitors from all over Westeros. Even with her beauty Sarissa was known to fall ill many times and this kept marriage off for a couple of years, since it was normally tradition to have a pre-arranged marriage during childhood. She was never promised to anyone as her father couldn't bear to give her away to someone who might mistreat her. Because she spent most of her early life bed ridden Sarissa read many books and became sharp of mind. She studied history, philosophy, religion, and even the art of war. She became smart enough to advise any heir in her kingdom, although none would listen to a frail young lady. Many men fell deeply in love with her the moment they saw her but ultimately her father gave her away to Ebben Fenshaw, after seeing the way she looked at him and how he looked at her. While it would have been in her father's best interest to marry her to an heir of a House with higher authority he loved his daughter more than any of his other children and wanted her to be happy regardless of House class. Her father also recognized Ebben's potential and his willingness to actually listen to Sarissa's advice rather than dismiss it as a woman's silly ramblings. He knew that Ebben would treasure his daughter for all that she was worth, rather than just her beauty.

Sarissa married Ebben Fenshaw when she was just 15. During that time Ebben and his brother Bran were deciding where each of them would claim their rule, and with Sarissa being from the East Ebben decided to take over that area. It was known throughout the kingdom that Ebben and Sarissa were madly in love with one another and that Ebben took his wife's advice into consideration every time he made a decision. They were both well-read and it was even rumored that Sarissa was actually the one ruling rather than Ebben, and that he simply carried out her commands. The idea of a woman running House Fenshaw made the people of House Fenshaw a little unruly. When Robert's Rebellion came, Bran asked Ebben to join him in the war, wanting glory for House Fenshaw. Sarissa advised Ebben to remain at home and told him the war would not give House Fenshaw any glory. With rumors still floating around about Sarissa running the House Ebben decided for the first time in his life to ignore Sarissa's advice and he followed Bran into war, which turned out to be the wrong move after all.

When he returned a strain was placed on their marriage, with Ebben grieving the loss of his brother and Sarissa's no longer able to give counsel. Ebben was forced to fight back against the Red Claw bandits that were rampaging through their lands and the rumor that the leader of the Red Claws, Duncan Snow was actually Ebben's bastard broke Sarissa's heart. During this time she started to fall ill and some in the castle said she even became mad, no longer able to tell the difference between dream and reality. With Ebben's death Sarissa's illness reached it's peak and she remains bed ridden to this day. She is no longer able to give wise counsel to her son, now the heir of House Fenshaw. Her daughter looks after her, but whether or not she's able to tell it's her child is unknown. With her illness and looming death, and Raynard unable to make decisions on his own, House Fenshaw is facing its largest problems to date.

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