Name: Sanctuary LakeScreen Shot 2016-03-02 at 2.10.12 PM.png
Location: Dorne
Type: Lake
Size: Immense
Condition: Healthy, Thriving


A large beautiful oasis of the dornish desert, Sanctuary Lake has become a source of great power to the House Sekhmet. As a steady source of cool water funneling upwards from a dark and cold underground sea, this location remained undisturbed and hidden within the Barren Heel, that is until the arrival of the bastard of House Osiron and his followers shortly after the Rhoynar Invasion.
After its discovery, Sanctuary Lake would remain the homestead of the bastard as the founding Lord of House Sekhmet.
Today, the Lake has transitioned from the simplistic symbol of basic needs to a home for lavish merchants and fishermen. Many of which have become dependent on the Lake as not only a source of food, but also that of income and wealth. Skilled fishermen take note of Emilya "the Cat-Fish Queen" Reed and do well to heed her advice, for none know the deep mysterious waters as well as she.