external image A%20WOMAN%20OF%20THE%20TIME%20OF%20WILLIAM%20II%201087-1100.jpgName: Sana Rhyferth
Age: 54
Sex: Female
Archetype: Noble
Location: Essos Square, Rhaenys Hill
Affiliations: Aunt of Darius Rhyferth, House Rhyferth

Character Background and Description
Sana Rhyferth is a noble of House Rhyferth, her bloodline indicating she is the aunt of Darius Rhyferth. Born and raised in the Stormlands, she is a fierce and unwavering individual. She is a keen women and has been known to be one of the smarter members of the household. Despite her age, her complexion and appearance still depicts a youngin. Her hair however tells another story, a greying black that screams disheveled untidiness. Her tall stature is intimidating to say the least and her stern face shows that it’ll take more than a royal jester to crack a smile on her. Over the years she’s become immune to much emotion and senseless entertainment.
During the turmoil of House Rhyferth, she left the Stormlands and traveled to King’s Landing seeking distance from the distress. Without having much belongings aside from a few old garments, and a handful of gold dragons, she ventured on her journey. Through it she’s learned uncanny strength of someone her age. Her arm has become riddled in scars, something she hides until the long dresses she prefers to wear. She now lives at an inn on Rhaenys Hill, much more to her liking compared to the life she lived in House Rhyferth. She can be seen visiting Essos Square, where she purchases most of her striking clothing and rare spices. She hopes to maybe one day visit her family again, or what’s left of it. Ever since leaving House Rhyferth and the Stormlands, she has not come into contact with anyone remotely close to her household.