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Name: Saltwater Well
Location: Waterfront
Type: Underground
Size: 400sq. Meters
Condition: Kept well enough for its purpose, no more grand than that.

Inhabitants: No inhabitants, though many people pass through.

Saltwater well is located on the edge of the waterfront district and is used as a hole for smugglers and slavers to make deals underground. The wide-mouthed well itself is boarded shut under the guise of having only salt water, but when opened the well functions as an entryway to a large square underground room with a packed dirt floor. This room is often used to temporarily house illegal cargo while it is being traded, and trading and haggling are common. Lighting can be a problem, as the only light source is fire, which has been known to create incidents with flammable cargo.

Because it is an underground establishment, fights and deaths may occur frequently, and the only rule is unspoken: Don't steal or you'll wind up dead. There have been instances in which the entire room has turned into a brawl. However, due to its convenient location, and it being the best place to deal in secret, Saltwater Well is still used frequently.

A password is required to get in, though only those with connections to frequent or career sailors (who will likely know the password it they know about it) even know of it.