Name: Sabarro and Eshedor Velkene
Eshedor Velkene

Age: 23
Sex: Male
Archetype: Diplomat and Bravo Fighter
Location: Lyonhall
Affiliations: Lilden Eisengold

Character Background and Description
The two twins are the result of a brief tryst between Lilden Eisengold and a Lysene noblewoman named Tria Velkene. During his stay in the Free City of Lys, Lilden first met Tria during a dinner hosted by her family and seduced her during it. The Velkenes are a noble house that are part of the ruling body of magisters for the city. Since Tria's marriage was born from politics rather than love, both her and her husband allow the other to sleep around so long as their bastards do not contest their trueborn children's inheritance.

Despite their status as bastards, the twins were accepted by their mother as they grew up. Sabarro, the elder twin, was tutored in history, politics, and etiquette. He developed a sharp mind and and even sharper wit as he matured. He loves to mock people without them knowing and to use his negotiating skills to always come out ahead. At a young age, Eshedor developed a fascination for the style of combat and honor practiced by the braavosi water dancers in the north. Over the years he became extremely skilled with his slim rapier. Anyone from the palace guard to muggers are considered fair game for him to practice his swordplay. Despite their divergent skill sets, the brothers have always been inseparable.

The two of them had previously visited Lyonhall around 7 years ago to get to know their father. However, the comparitively small and isolated city of Nemisport quickly bored them. They returned to Lys after a year of staying with House Eisengold. Recently they have returned to Lyonhall, though no one knows their true intentions for doing so. The most common gossip is that they wish to lay claim to the Eisengold name, since Sabarro is Lilden's oldest son. Or at least, the oldest son that Lilden recognized as his. If the sickly Bradyn dies without having an heir, the succession of the house will be up for grabs. Another possibility is that they have only returned to watch the entire drama unfold and amuse themselves. Since returning, all they have done is converse with their fellow bastards and the rest of the household.

They share the same tan skin, black hair, and aloof personality. They always seem to be grinning at a joke that only makes sense to the two of them. The only sign of their father's heritage is the slightest hint of blondish hair, and the Westerosi features that characterize many of Lilden's bastards. Eshedor is the man pictured above, with the Braavosi style of facial hair and ear piercing. Sabarro keeps his face clean shaven, and dyes his hair purple in the fashion of the southern Free Cities.

Sabarro (sah-bar-oh)
Eshedor (eh-sheh-door)
Velkene (vell-keen)