woman.jpgName: Rysna Toolor
Age: 27
Sex: Female
Archetype: Merchant, Entertainer
Location: Essos Square
Affiliations: None

Character Background and Description
Rysna Toolor is a young woman from the Free City of Myr who arrived at King's Landing five years ago. Born in Myr to a poor family, her life took an unfortunate turn for the worse at the young age of 18, when she was chosen as part of a tribute to a Dothraki horde. For the next four years, she was held captive as a slave in their khalasar and subject to cruel treatment under the Dothraki. Brutally mistreated and even frequently raped by Dothraki, she grew hardened and emotionless, shutting out all torments from the outside world. Her salvation came when the khalasar became lost during a storm and drew too near to Braavos, being forced to disperse as they were cut down by the city's defenses. In the chaos, Rysna managed to flee into the city, where she was taken in and helped by a merchant family. They arranged passage on a ship to King's Landing for her where she found herself at home in Essos Square. Her shop sells all manner of exotic delights from textiles to nectars, even some more illegal substances should they find their way into her shop. Guards who would pry, find themselves seduced and sent on their way. Rysna is an emotionless, calculating woman who acts emotions out very well to charm or persuade customers to buy from her or do what she wants. She has no qualms over manipulating anyone foolish enough to fall victim to her persuasion.