poisons.jpgName: Rotted Elixir
Category: Poison
Size/weight: Small
Rarity: Specialty item made by Peoter
Value: Currently unknown
Uses: Insecticide

Location: Peoter

Description: A poison fashioned by Peoter from a recipe his mother gave him, this liquid smells distinctly of blood mixed with another smell no one can quite describe. It contains a laundry list of ingredients, some rarer than others, including flower nectar and pig's blood. The foul smell is used to attract Hissers, the plague insect that the poison is designed to kill. A few drops are enough to kill a single one of the pests, and because of the species' cannibalistic tendencies, they will often feast on the poisoned carcass and eventually wipe out an entire nest. Currently, House Eisengold is looking at ways to mass produce the poison as a means of ridding King's Landing of its insect plague, and it seems plausible that House Sekhmet may use some of their recently acquired fortunes to aid this effort. It isn't clear just how harmful this particular poison is to humans, but given its current rarity and the more significant threat the Hissers present, only a complete idiot would waste any finding out when more common poisons will work for sure.

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