external image a96f957c-8809-470e-be7b-794b85f214d5_zpsda8c177b.jpgName: Ronard Rhyferth
Age: 39 (Deceased)
Sex: Male
Archetype: Bastard, Landed Knight
Location: Deceased

Affiliations: House Rhyferth

Character Background and Description
Ronard Rhyferth was one of the bastard sons of Lyonel Selmy. He and his younger brother Channer maintained a close relationship through the entirety of his life. Due to his status as a bastard he found that the only way he could be taken seriously was if he became a hedge knight. He was able to gain a position of power soon after Barristan Selmy swore the oath of the kingsguard. Garon Selmy became outraged that his father, Lyonel Selmy, would pass over him as the rightful heir to House Selmy and plotted to release information about his father's many bastards. After hearing news of this, Lyonel employed his two bastard sons, Ronard and Channer, to silence his youngest son.

Ronard was never as reluctant a decision maker as he was when it came to the murder of his half brother Garon. It went against every fiber of his being, but he would never go against his father's wishes. When the day came, Channer was the one who orchestrated the raid that would cover up Garon's death, but Ronard was the one tasked with hiring an apothecary to craft the deadly poison, and was chosen by his father to administer it so that it would truly kill Garon. The guilt he felt stayed with him for the rest of his life. The house he founded served as an unwavering reminder of what he had done. He confessed his crimes to only one individual, Maester Kober, and other than that took it to his grave. He made it a point to make House Rhyferth the best that it could be so that something could come of such a tragic and merciless death.