Name: Rhyferth's CreekCreek.jpg
Location: The Stormlands
Type: Lands
Size: Small
Condition: Unconditionally New

Inhabitants: Fish

Right outside Tempest Hold is Rhyferth’s Creek, an ever flowing stream of glistening water that is believed to hold otherworldly relaxation properties. Despite the lack of forestation in most areas of the Stormlands, the scenery around and along Rhyferth’s Creek is lush and uplifting. The air is crisp; the area being a popular meditation spot for those living in Tempest Hold. The water is known to always be flowing even during the coldest of winters. It is believed by House Rhyferth, the gods has gifted their blessings to the area making it a perfect spot for their sole castle. Members of House Rhyferth, and even visitors from distant lands has prayed and bathed in the creek. The water is said to be relaxing, almost relieving tension and stress immediately after bathing in it. Rhyferth’s Creek is filled with perch, frogs, crawfish, and on occasion is visited by many finches, sparrows, and hummingbirds. Almost all year around, the area is good for a few rods of fishing.