carpets-rugs-for-sale-in-market-stall-cambridge-england-dc2g3x.jpgName: Rhadevik's Most Illustrious Rug Emporium
Location: Wherever there is a willing customer (Having issues placing on the map)
Type: Rolling market stall
Size: Small
Condition: Highly-used

Inhabitants: Rhadevik Twenty Tongues and his wondrous rugs; Gimble can usually be spotted nearby.

The Rug Emporium has a habit of meandering across the various squares and streets of King's Landing. Though the wares aren't of particularly good quality, Rhadevik always manages to sell his rugs at a ridiculously steep price. He has left many of his victims customers with a glazed look, and a water-damaged rug slung over their back. There's a few empty moments where the reality of their purchase begins to sink in, and then an embarrassing number of those people will mutter to themselves,

"But I live on a ship."

Rhadevik treats each sale like an engagement of guerrilla warfare; dashing in and offering the hapless target a veritable onslaught of selections and "sales", then packing up and fading back into the twisting streets of the city before common sense can get back to its feet.

Locals have long since learned to spot the R.M.I.R.E's off-colored selection from a good forty yards out, and always take the next street over, just to be safe.