8612486712_c6c3e3eac9_b.jpgName: Rhadevik Twenty Tongues

Age: 26
Sex: Male
Archetype: Merchant
Location: Rhadevik's Most Illustrious Rug Emporium
Affiliations: Money

Character Background and Description
Hailing from the far off city of Braavos, Rhadevik came to King's Landing in search of fortune, but mainly to get away from an overbearing mother and overshadowing father. While the journey was a hard one, he quickly bounced back upon reaching the city, and began his quest to become the wealthiest rug merchant in all of Westeros.

His first forays into business were met with less than success. As the other vendors all ganged up to kick him out when he showed up early in the morning. They shouted things like, "There're too many of us as it is" or "Your rugs smell like seaweed!", but Rhadevik wouldn't let common racism get him down. Luckily for him, the gods appeared to be on the merchant's side, for not a week later, after he had just spent the last of his money on a rather suspect meat pie, he stumbled across the cart. At the time, kindling might have been a better word for it, but Rhadevik had learned woodworking from his father, and he was the kind of desperate that turns a simpleton into a maester.

Before long, the Braavosi was carting his rugs all throughout the city, making sure to never stay in one place long enough to draw the ire of his fellow shopkeeps. This newfound mobility, combined with a mastery of several worldly languages, gives him a great advantage in selling to foreigners just arriving in King's Landing, and has set him on the road to success. He's even managed to make friends among the city's seedier elements; giving away rugs to those he thinks have a need for them. To most, he is a strange, quick-talking con man hawking water-damaged carpets, but to a few, he is a good man. That's enough for him.