7e46cc1bec7ee64384c203ba145a6167.jpgName: Raynard Fenshaw
Age: 12
Sex: Male
Location: Falcon's Perch
Affiliations: House Fenshaw

Character Background and Description

Raynard has brown hair, which he got from his mother, and he keeps it cut short. He’s average height for his age, but has lanky arms and legs. His eyes are a piercing blue. Since the death of his father, his happy attitude has turned into an almost permanent scowl.

Raynard is only 12 at 295AC. He was born late into his father’s life, and is the only heir. Growing up with tales of Colmar and Erric, and admires those tales of bravery. He dreams of leading the Falcons, and defeating the criminals he’s heard about. However, he’s incredibly naive, with the ideals of a child. He had only just begun learning of court and combat at the age of eight, and isn’t ready for the responsibility of leading his people. He trusts and admires his father’s advisers, but has no experience to make decisions without them.
Meanwhile, he inherits the problems of roving bandits, limited forces, and a small population. Already the advisers discuss marriage possibilities, but Raynard doesn’t know the full repercussions of marrying any specific house, and resists the idea. He’s wary of being twisted around, but doesn’t have the ability to easily tell when others manipulate him. Raynard has a small group of guards from the hall garrison that protect him at all times, due to him being the only heir, but he misses the freedom he had only a year ago. He resents the cold, damp halls and uncomfortable furniture of the court, but also knows he can’t just abandon it. As such, his primary hobbies are practicing fighting and archery in the hall’s field, as well as riding in the confines of the wall.

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