Name: Rass Snow
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Age: Old (Exact Age Unknown)
Archetype: Falcon Master
Sex: Male
Location: Falcon's Perch
Affiliations: House Fenshaw

Character Background and Description:
Rass is the master of falcons for House Fenshaw. It is his responsibility to tend to the iconic falcons, that take the place of the ravens of a normal house. He keeps them well fed and healthy, making sure they are fit to carry out their ability to deliver messages.

Not much is know about Rass's past, except that he showed up shortly after the death of the previous master of falcons offering he services almost 30 years ago. Despite the surname Snow it is not even agreed upon that he is even from the North, or even Westeros for that matter. When asked about his past he simply states, "This is where the wings of fate have guided me". Due to exceptional skill with the birds he was accepted into his position in lieu of the previous falconer's apprentice in training Jeran, whom shortly after Rass's arrival, the birds began to disobey and even attack him.

Rass is usually seen in plain rags, with a cloak made of falcon feathers, he is a tall man for his age standing around 1.5 meters, although he is quite thin and of fair complexion. His has a long white beard, often filled with feathers. Unlike most Falconer's he refuses to wear arm protection, and yet somehow goes unscathed.

He always has his own personal Falcon to deliver messages of the utmost importance, a rare breed, much more colorful than those native to the North. It it a mystery where he keeps getting these birds after the passing of the previous, since it is the only of its kind in the North. If superstition is to be believed, it has been in fact been a single bird this whole time.

Rass is quite strange to say the least, he is seen as overly attached to the birds, often preferring their company to that of other people and even lodging with them. He often speaks of strange things, the strangest being his own personal Falcon God to whom he worships. He has made attempts to convince the young lord to follow this God, though upon his refusal, has stopped pushing the issue. Ever since his arrival the falcons seem to have grown in discipline and possibility intelligence. It is often said that House Fenshaw falcons seem to give a knowing glare, as if they are watching for something. This has sparked rumors that he may be a skin-changer, though such things are just foolish peasant superstition. Despite his strange nature, he is quite dutiful, always working with a kind smile. He is always happy to instruct new soldiers and even certain peasants on the art of falconry, despite having some unorthodox methods, his skill is unmatched.