Name: Ranel Fenshaw
Age: 15
Sex: Female
Archetype: Sister of Raynard Fenshaw, Nobility
Location: House Fenshaw's Hold (The North)the_girl_of_middle_ages__by_sunriserain-d5hrtfd.jpg
Affiliations: House Fenshaw

Character Background and Description

Ranel Fenshaw is the older sister of Raynard Fenshaw. She has long, curly brown hair and the same striking blue eyes as her brother. She is said to be just as beautiful as her mother, but can be seen most times with a scowl on her face rather than her mother's warm smile, which keeps many people from approaching her.

With her father dead and her mother fallen ill she has taken it upon herself to look out for her younger brother and become a mother figure to him. She resents the fact that her father died and left her younger brother the burden of keeping the House alive and well. She also resents her mother for being foolish enough to think that her father would remain faithful to her and not father the bastard Duncan Snow. Even at the tender age of 15 she has become a cynic to marriage and the idea of love. She knows only of familial love and has made it her purpose in life to keep her brother safe.

She knows that Raynard looks up to her father's advisor's but she can't help but feel that they are pulling his strings for their best interests, rather than Raynard's. She tries her best to advise her brother on certain matters, but because she is a woman he never takes her advice seriously, even though he loves her a great deal.

There has been talk of marrying her off to other houses in order to build relationships with higher houses but any possible suitors have been scared off by Ranel's poor attitude and unladylike behavior at times. With her mother unable to scold her, Ranel is able to hold off the suitors until she thinks her brother has become capable enough to run the House himself. Ranel works behind the scenes to usurp any power the advisor's have over her brother, and she has even used some spies within her own House to help weed out the ones who are unfaithful to her brother. She doesn't hold any legitimate power but by playing the game she is slowly but surely finding her way to her brother's side. She hopes to put faith back into the name House Fenshaw, before she is inevitably married off. She tries her best to keep her brother out of harm's way and to also keep him from making ill decisions that will lead to House Fenshaw's decline.

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