external image TownHouse.jpgName: Raist's Respite
Location: Visenya's Hill
Type: Inn
Size: Large
Condition: Worn

Inhabitants: Maris Raist, Moris Raist, Carn Himan

Raist's Respite is an inn located in Visenya's Hill, off of the Street of Steel. It is owned by twin brothers, Maris and Moris Raist. Raist's Respite is a stone clad building located next to the shops of multiple carpenters and stonemasons. It was founded by the twin's father, Domlin Raist, a stonemason who wanted to form a steady future for his sons. With the trades becoming more popular and in increasingly less demand because of it, he wanted to build something that would stand the test of time. He decided on Raist's Respite, an inn he believed would be the go to place for many artisans such as himself. In the end he was right, and not a night goes by that the inn isn't bustling with tradesmen and travelers alike. The inn has a total of ten rooms, one of which belongs to the two brothers. The inn has both a dining area and a bar, and is well known amongst merchants and artisans in King's Landing for it's exclusive brew, the Stonemason's Stout. The Raist brothers have formed a contract with the stout's brewers, that if the brewers sell their product exclusively at the inn, they will give them a discount anytime they wish to stay there. The atmosphere of the inn is lighthearted and warm, and it always has a light aroma of beer. Maris and Moris have also been kind enough to allow Carn Himan to sell his Fish Cakes in and around the inn.