quiet.jpgName: Quiet
Category: Personal Weapon
Size/weight: Standard Longsword, but a bit lighter
Rarity: It looks to be just a regular old longsword
Value: Neither Georic, nor any other of the Tail's previous barkeeps, have ever been willing to part with it for any price, even though the sword appears to be of little quality.
Uses: Enforcement of the Dragon's Tail's policy as a truce zone for the rowdier elements of King's Landing.

Location: The Dragon's Tail

Description: The barkeeps of the Dragon's Tail have used this dusty, flame-stained sword since the inn's foundation stones were laid, though little is truly known about it. To most, the attention is usually drawn to the barkeeps, who wield it with frightening skill and quickness. However, some of the more well-learned patrons, those familiar with weaponcraft at least, are always puzzled as to how such a sword could pass so many years of usage without suffering some kind of damage. And a few of the older regulars whisper to themselves of a time, after a particularly violent round of peace-keeping, that a bit of its blackened exterior fell away, to reveal the flash of immutable silver.