Name: Qarzha Hill
Qarzha, in clothes from her homeland

Age: 18
Sex Female
Archetype: Gossip
Location: Lyonhall
Affiliations: House Eisengold

Character Background and Description:
After Lilden Eisengold's expedition was attacked by a raiding party in the Gulf of Grief, they were forced to stop at a nearby village and make repairs. During the attack, Nkosazana's mother was carried off into slavery. Lilden needed a woman to look after the young child, and eventually found one in the port they had stopped in. While the rest of the crew was performing repairs, Lilden browsed through the village's marketplace and spotted a young peasant girl with her parents. She was only 16 years old, but instantly caught his attention due to her beauty. Lilden approached the girl's parents and offered them a large sum of money in exchange for their daughter. Naturally the parents were outraged by the offer, but Lilden only replied that it was available until his ships departed. The next week, the family returned and accepted his deal with a look of resignation. It was impossible for a poor farmer family to turn it down in the end. The money represented more than the mother and father would make in a lifetime and after many nights of exhausting arguments the father agreed. Lilden learned the girl's name was Maqi, and informed her of her new duties. Chiefly, attending to Nkosazana's needs (as well as his).

Shortly after Maqi's joining of the crew, she became pregnant. The baby she gave birth to was a girl just as beautiful as her, with only her nose and cheekbones to signify her paternal heritage. Maqi never bore another child, whether the result is from bad luck or a lack of interest by Lilden is unknown. It took Maqi several months to learn the Westerosi tongue used on the ship, and she never truly adjusted to her new lifestyle. The sailors leered at her wherever she went, and would make crude jokes at her expense. The birth of her daughter only drove her further into isolation. As the baby girl, named Qarzha, grew up aboard the ship, her mother kept her from socializing with anyone else except the other bastard children in her care. After finishing their journey at Lyonhall, both Maqi and her daughter slowly developed a social circle among the cooks and maids of the household. Both of them remain overly soft-spoken, and stay out of the politics and drama of the House. However, over the years Qarzha developed a reputation as an uncanny source of gossip. She always knows who is fighting or sleeping together, no matter how secretive the participants try to be. Some people joke that she must use magic to eavesdrop so efficiently.

Qarzha - car-zha