sample_bldg.pngName: Pyre's Pawnshop
Location: Aegon's Hill
Type: Mercantile
Size: Small, in back alley. Can't see from main road.
Condition: Overflowing with merchandise, dusty

Inhabitants: One old woman, whose name she never reveals, lives and owns this shop.

Pyre's Pawnshop has been around since the founding of King's Landing, and the old woman who runs the shop claims that she was as well, although most dismiss her claims as lunacy. The pawnshop sells every item imaginable from poison to the finest silk in all of Westeros. No one is sure how the old woman acquires all of her merchandise, all they know is that if they need something she most likely has it. Everyone from street rats to high nobility have paid the old bird a visit and have bought one item or another from her shop. The name Pyre comes from a joke one nobleman made after sneering at the sight of her shop and claimed that the wood used to build the shop would be put to better use as her pyre when her day had come. Liking the idea of the pawnshop one day becoming her personal pyre the old woman named the shop Pyre's Pawnshop and the name has stuck ever since. Rumor has it that the nobleman that had made the joke died the very next day, trapped inside his home while it was set aflame. No one can prove if this rumor is true and when asked about it the old woman just cackles and says nothing more.

It is possible to sell items at this pawnshop but the old bird is very particular about what she takes, even though it may seem like she'll take anything. She is said to be inconsistent about how much she will pay for something. She may buy an old book that contains all of the history of Westeros for only 2 silver stags, and may buy some nameless child's old coat for 1 gold dragon. Her pricing is never the right way, much to her customers disgruntlement, but she is willing to barter for the items in her shop.