Character Name: Pymon Bakmeyas

Age: 50
Sex: Male
House: House Sekhmet

Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 174 lbs
Hair color: Salt and Pepper
Eye color: Brown

Archetype/Concept: Expert

Disposition: Grumpy, Rude, stubborn
Mannerisms: Disdainfully huffs at nearly anything within 10 feet of him.
Distinguishing features: Unusually bushy eyebrows

Factions/memberships/oaths: None

  1. Immediate: To maintain his combat prowess as he suffers the effects of aging.
  2. Medium: To train a select few from House Sekhmet's garrison as per his agreement.
  3. Life: To live a solitary life in peace.

  1. Darius Rhyferth, Pymon once nodded to him while passing in the market. The nod was not returned. Pymon seeks to rectify this disrespect.
  2. Jaxon Slatefire, has trained in fighting in exchange for fish heads. Perhaps the person he least despises in all of Westeros.
  3. Ulfric Uller, collaborator on combat training for the garrison.

Personal History/Backstory
Pymon Bakmeyas was the son of a well-known master-at-arms who was integral in the arms trade within the borders of Dorne. His wife and he were quite in love, which may have been the cause for his descent into madness when she passed away shortly after bearing Pymon. His father immediately lapsed into paranoid lunacy, believing his wife to have been murdered via foul play. Shutting himself into his estate, he forbade his son to leave, and instead trained him daily in the art of combat, preparing him for the day when those that killed his mother would come for him too. From age five to age thirty, Pymon knew nothing besides the halls of his father's estate and training. During the last ten years, his father lapsed even deeper into madness, fearing that even his own son was turned against him. Destroying every weapon in the house, he forbade Pymon to even cut his food at the table with a knife and spent more and more time in his private chambers. Pymon continued his training however, hardening his hands on the stone walls of his castle. Shortly after his thirtieth birthday, he discovered that his father had been dead for some time. Not knowing where else to turn to, he fled his home, becoming a nomad for the next five years, before settling in a little stone hut on the edge of Sanctuary Lake. Unbeknownst to him, the estate of House Sekhmet was upon the other side, and for a time, Pymon found peace in a simple life free of worries, keeping to himself and his training, only venturing out to the market on Sanctuary Lake for fish heads, a meal he came to enjoy very much. Despite having trained for much of his life in fighting, he did not interact very much with other market-goers or anyone who might address him. However, it was not long before his house was discovered on the opposite side of the Lake, and in a fierce confrontation with a couple of soldiers from its garrison, Pymon established his reputation as a skilled fighter and a dangerous man. House Sekhmet decided to let him be, on the condition that every now and again he would train their masters-at-arms in combat.

Current biography
Settling into routine, Pymon found himself moderately content with his lot in life, until more and more uninvited visitors began to show up at his residence for purported training. Incensed, Pymon has begun to restrict access to him, even going so far as to seriously injure those who show up on his property uninvited. As a show of good faith to the disgruntled recluse, Kradok Sekhmet presented him with an ornate vase, a symbol of respect that calmed Pymon for a while. Three months ago however, when Pymon was returning from his monthly trip to the fish market, he found his home had been ransacked, perhaps by some visitor not content with being turned away. Among the casualties, he found the vase given to him by the Sekhmets smashed upon the ground. Incensed, he approached Lord Kradok, furious at this act. Kradok decided to attempt to mend this relationship by allowing him to accompany his son's entourage to King's Landing.

On their journey back to Dorne, Pymon, elaborated the truth of his identity to Lucien Pyke, impressing him with his combat prowess so much that he offered Pymon to train his crew for a nominal fee of course. Word of his ability was quick to travel through The Dauntless Fleet, and with their high standing in King's Landing, Pymon's training became very in demand, with the highest bidders offering no small sum of gold for the elderly fighter to train their armies and guards. Pymon was paid to pass his martial wisdom onto many renowned groups including the Kingsguard and Gold Cloaks, amassing a generous amount of money with which he was able to use to finance his travels further, spreading his fighting style far and wide, teaching combat seminars in the Free Cities and even accepting contracts to train some Unsullied regiments and elite guards. A decade or two of this lifestyle compounded his fortune, becoming a very wealthy man, yet spending little on anything save for fish heads and their delivery to his door or to ensure that wherever he was staying was well stocked with them. Pymon grew to be very old, yet even as he did, his health did not deteriorate. When he became too old to travel, he instead opened a martial arts school on the shore of Sanctuary Lake, ensuring a steady trickle of gold into his coffer for the rest of his days. He left behind no heirs or family. Thanks to his lack of frivolous spending and lucrative string of martial arts-related business deals, Pymon's reputation as a fearsome fighter was overshadowed by his even more impressive feat of turning a worn satchel of copper pennies into a fortune to rival even some of the noble houses of moderate standing.

Notable skills
Though rather old, Pymon is the epitome of physical health and athleticism. In combat, even armed and armored opponents are wary of his fists and feet, a blow from which can easily stun or even cripple an unwary foe.

Notable equipment
With not much more than a simple robe and a worn leather pouch, Pymon would be unassuming in a common crowd were it not for his signature scowl. On days where his paranoia becomes prominent, wear more padded garments though nothing that would restrict his movement. On his person, he carries a small, ornate folding knife he uses for cleaning his nails and teeth, and pruning his mustache. Aside from this, he rarely carries anything of value on his person.

Abilities (default value = 2)





Animal handling



Strength 5B










Brawling 6B






















Destiny Points:

  1. Brawler I: Fists gain the fast quality and deal damage equal to Athletics Rank -2
  2. Brawler II: Fists gain the powerful quality and Athletics rank can be added to fighting tests made with fists
  3. Brawler III: When a fighting test succeeds on hitting an opponent, three degrees of success can be sacrificed as long as the test succeeded by three degrees or more. If said test result equals or passes the opponent's passive endurance result, the opponent is stunned and can only take the special Recover action on its next turn.

  1. Endurance Flaw
  2. Furious


Intrigue defense

Combat defense


defensive bonus - armor penalty



will ranks x 3

endurance ranks x 3