external image a2de37b90ef6f5c17139a57b7437ac7c.jpgName: Perfume Candle
Category: Candle
Size/weight: ~1 lb.
Rarity: Uncommon
Value: 1 ss
Uses: Light, aroma

Location: The Burning Pillar

Description: A recent innovation from The Burning Pillar, Perfume Candles mitigate the singed odor which typically accompanies alchemists and scholars by binding various pleasant aromas from herbs and spices into a candlestick, to be released when burnt. A variety of "scents" are available; some of the more popular smell of the vibrant flowers of Dorne, of exotic spices from the Free Cities, of fresh pines from the North, or of the rich wines of the Reach.

A little-known secret is that some of the less scrupulous apothecaries of The Burning Pillar can bind more than just scents to candles; one such innovator has created a candle laced with opiates which, when burned, dulls the senses of those who inhale its fumes. Should someone breath an entire candle's worth of its smoke, they would surely be rendered catatonic.