external image 83691e9690edf56db370a5b94eca06d4.jpgName: Peoter
Age: 37
Sex: Male
Archetype: Smallfolk(Servant)
Location: Eisengold Residences
Affiliations: House Eisengold

Character Background and Description
Peoter is a servant at the Eisengold Residences in King's Landing. He is employed to keep the estates maintained. He has enough skill at woodworking and masonry to perform repairs (such as might be caused by severe weather or age), he cleans the common rooms, and when he has no other pressing tasks, he runs errands for the more senior house staff (and the lord's household, when they are visiting).

Peoter has no family of his own, so he dedicates his time and passion towards his work. He looks after the Residences with pride and care, ensuring that they are always in fine condition. Recently, Peoter has been putting extra effort into making the Residences pleasant for Lord Jorrel's visit to King's Landing. He has spent his little earnings on several pots of vibrant flowers from The Reach to brighten up the Residences, and carefully tends to and grooms the plants each day. He also began using a poison based on a family recipe to combat the Hisser infestation that the Waterfront was having.

Peoter is native to King's Landing. He respects Jorrel Eisengold as his lord and master, but bears no special bond to the Eisengold family. He merely serves them to the best of his abilities, with a cheerful smile on his face as he goes about his work. When he has time free from his duties, Peoter frequents a tavern near Fishmonger's Square.