Name: Our Lady In White

external image 170632115526592b24ebbf4733c1bab1.jpgLocation: Visenya's Hill
Type: Tradesman
Size: A very small Chapel about the size of 4 room apartment.
Condition: Rundown

Inhabitants: 7 White Maiden's

Located attached to the garrison wall between the Lion and God's gate is a rundown chapel with no roof. It contains several rows of benches like any church and an alter at the end dedicated to The Great Mother of the 7. 7 Maiden's dressed all in pure white reside there preaching the teachings of their faith. Though they do not live there, they have dubbed this location as their place of operations. Along with their preaching's they accept 'donations' for those in need of their Mother's Embrace. Mother's Embrace is a concoction that they believe was given to them by The Great Mother herself and control its distribution very strictly. Very few are given out each day and sometimes none at all but no one dares to force their hand on the Maiden's for fear of punishment from the gods themselves and the possibility of having the miracle elixir pulled from the market entirely.