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Name: Noble's Nest
Location: Visenya's District
Type: Info Broker (Scholarly)
Size: Three floors, each with four rooms linked to a main hall.
Condition: Well kept, there are plants, gilded metalwork, and curtains throughout the building.

Inhabitants: Lexia Hergold, Nalia, Alix Himan, Melevik Dounis
Noble's Nest is a hall made in honor of the Seven, and its original purpose was to be a place of learning to supplement the teachings at the Great Sept of Baelor. Things taught here tended to teach nobles and members of high social status things they would need in everyday life. As time passed however, it devolved into a place where information was shared among nobles and other high-class persons about nobles and other high-class persons. It is known as the gossip hub of King's Landing.

It's location also provides convenient access to the marketplace This building is often used for social events among lower class nobles who cannot afford or do not have enough power to attend or host one elsewhere. In these situations, many servants can be seen running to and from the market to gather various foods or supplies.

Lexia Hergold, caretaker of the Nest is the designated watcher of the building. It is her job to maintain the order of it and she has guards and servants who protect and serve the building with her.