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User name: Blackknight12300

Character Name: Nkosazana Hill

Age: 25
Born: 273
Sex: Female
House: House Eisengold

Height: [ 7' 7"]
Weight: [355 lbs]
Hair color: [Black]
Eye color: [Green]

Archetype/Concept: [House Protector]

Disposition: A very jolly and outgoing individual with pride in her profession. Though being physically deterring she tries to be very approachable and almost like a loving protective mother to House Eisengold.
Mannerisms: Loud authoritative way of speaking, proud and unyielding demeanor in her posture, while also projecting a loving and caring smile.
Distinguishing features: [A giant of a women, with very stern and intimidating eyes. Very muscular while still retaining feminine features, often easily mistaken for a man in her armor and with her low voice, also black]

Factions/memberships/oaths: [House Eisengold/House Retainer/To always protect the family]

  1. Immediate: Protecting and taking care of the numerous bastards of the house. While being the guarding of House Eisengold as a knight whenever they are in need.
  2. Medium: Eventually perfect her prowess in battle to move on to finding a partner and learn the smithing trade.
  3. Life: To eventually raise a loving family of her own with a thriving blacksmithing business.

  1. Jorrel Eisengold
  2. Zyre Oakwood
  3. Emond Roebeck
  4. Jaxson Slatefire

Personal History/Backstory
Nkosazana Hill is the bastard child of the previous lord of House Eisengold, Lilden Eisengold. For most of his rule Lilden traveled the globe leading House Eisengold's prized merchant vessels across the seas. Traveling from kingdom to kingdom, selling their wares and acquiring numerous exotic materials foreign to Westerous. However Lord Lilden was a very lecherous character and obtained many concubines on his travels across the world. One of his first stops on his adventure landed him on the Summer Isles where he first met Nkosazana's mother Soka Zana. Lilden Eisengold was struck by her beauty and knew he had to have her. Though Soka was taught to be wary of the various foreigners the frequented the Summer Isles, she was completely captivated by Lilden's outstanding charisma and looks. Before she knew it she fell head over heals for the man with his promises of happiness and wealth. She joined his merry voyage across the seas and soon after Nkosazana came into the world, born on the seas. Nkosazana was born and raised on rough seas and was quick to learn her ways around a ship. As soon as she could walk she was put to work around the ship. Repairing the hull, securing cargo, moving heavy loads, it was a back breaking lifestyle but it was the only thing she knew. She grew accustomed to hard labor and thought of that as a more enjoyable task than any other recreation the sailors partook in. She was mostly raised by her mother, the only parent that actually paid attention to her, as both of them were only given small portions of Lord Lilden's attention. Soka taught her all about her heritage and the place of love from whence she hailed. She taught her the importance of family and companionship, while Lilden taught her the importance of strong personality. At a young age Nkosazana's mother was taken by slavers when the trading fleet was attacked by raiding ships. From that day forward she vowed to never loose such a crucial person in her life again to the actions of man. She trained at sea in the ways of the sword and gained herself a reputation among the crew. However she soon found a new purpose on the ship as Lord Lilden brought more and more of his "companions" aboard his ships. Soon she had many half brothers and sisters to look after. She did not want the same fate that she suffered from her fathers negligence, so she took it upon herself to protect and teach them the best she could just like her mother taught her. Becoming a surrogate mother to the many children on the ship, many look to her for guidance and reassurance for their troubles. Nkosazana strives to protect and serve her family to the best of her ability.

Current biography
Nkosa at the start of our story would be doing her duties as the House Eisengold den mother most of the time taking care the various younger baster children left over after Lilden's passing and making sure the older ones do not get into trouble by keeping them in line. She also preoccupies herself by doing numerous odd jobs around the royal house, from cleaning to manual labor. When she is not working she indulges herself in the company of the various members of the house and its staff. Talking with them spending time with them, even if they don't want her to. She never means any harm, that is just how she interacts with people. By putting all she has into every encounter means the biggest chance for a lasting impression. When she is not at the house she frequents Nemis Port, to visit the warships and practice blacksmithing in local shops. The members of House Eisengold she associates with the most would be Tugg, Fulgrim Quake, Zyre Oakwood and Jorrel Eisengold. Though she feels like she never picks favorites and associates with everyone, she just gravitates to those individuals more. Though Nkosa is a very nice and trusting individual she still is on the look out and wary for anyone who could pose a threat or carry themselves with ill intent.


After the trials of House Sekhmet Nkosa was instructed to stay in King's Landing and become a chaperon to Tugg who would also be staying to squire for Jamie Lannister. Discouraged by the order at first Nkosa thought it would be a long time before she would see her siblings again at Nemisport. That is until she realized she could bring them to her and they could live with her and Tugg in the Eizengold residences. Nkosa brought her family with her and became the full den mother to all of the children Lilden left in his passing. Within King's Landing Nkosa lived at the extremes of her life with numerous highs and lows. To being in audience of the king himself and his court on numerous occasions to going out and fighting wars and battles in his name. Nkosa experienced the lavish beauties of royalty and the despicable terrors of violence and bloodshed. Though many people would have broken under the pressure of such inconsistencies in life, Nkosa always took it in stride and lived her life as her mom would have wanted. Throughout her life she saw everything as an adventure, one of which she would always cherish despite its ups and downs. However even after all of her adventures good and bad she found herself returning back to her family and friends at King's Landing to share her tales and experiences with the ones she held most dear. After all, family was the greatest adventure she always wanted the most.

Notable skills
Being proficient in combat, minor blacksmithing experience, proficient in anything athletic.

Notable equipment
A full suit of Black Plate armor with a stylized lion helmet similar to picture provided but still covering most of the face. An extraordinary made longaxe and tower sheild, regular common work cloths and dagger, 2 Gold dragons kept on her person and 2 kept on the ship for safe keeping. Assorted common things people would keep on their person. Also really big Courser bred Horse that she rides around on.
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Abilities (default value = 2)





Animal handling



1B Swimming, 1B Run, 2B Strength








1B Resilience, 1B Stamina


2B Axes






















Destiny Points: 4

  1. Hardy
  2. Blood of the Ironmen
  3. Massive
  4. Tough
  5. Armor Mastery
  6. Fury

  1. Fear(Thunder)
  2. Flaw(Deception)
  3. Bastard Born
  4. Threatening


Intrigue defense

Combat defense


defensive bonus - armor penalty



will ranks x 3

endurance ranks x 3