NightAngler.jpgName: Night Angler
Location: Waterfront
Type: Tradesman (brewery)
Size: Small
Condition: Poor

Inhabitants: Hissers, Grik

Night Angler is a brewery located in the Waterfront. It is a small time business that barely manages to keep itself afloat, notable for the walls and roof being little more than a front for the brewer's equipment in the cellar. They supply various taverns in the district with alcohol, primarily ale and their signature drink, Siren's Brew.
Although alcoholic beverage production is Night Angler's primary business, it's known on the street as a place where all sorts of shady dealings go on. Most notably, it is a black market trade hub for liquid goods, primarily fine liquor from outside Westeros. It is also a hub for the trading of Gruit, a deadly intoxicant that has begun to take hold of many of the poorer areas of King's Landing. However, the goods rarely ever travel through the business itself; patrons come and deal with each other then make the actual trade elsewhere. Consequently, the Gold Cloaks are forced to put up with it for lack of evidence of darker business.The only Gold Cloak who is seen is to be trying to investigate the shady dealings of the Night Angler is Daltis Long.

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