Realm: The Northtumblr_np13l3UDeF1sazby5o10_1280.jpg

House: House Fenshaw

Perspective Character: Nera Dragen
Height: 5'4''
Weight: 120 lbs
Race: White (Northman)
Age: 17
Sex: Female
Appearance: Small and slender. Doesn't look like much at first. Has a scar over her left eye which impairs her vision. She has long dark hair that is always braided, and her eyes are dark except for her left eye which has glazed over from her injury. Can always be seen carrying 2 short blades.


Nera Dragen was born in Winterfell 10 years before Robert's Rebellion takes place. She is the daughter of Neral and Tila Dragen and the younger sibling of Dariss Dragen. Both of her parents were merchants and while they were not a poor family they were not well off. Because of financial struggles Nera's father, Neral, resorted to trickery and thievery to take more coin from his customers. He taught Nera the art of pick pocketing and slight of hand. He would tell her that she needed to take what was owed to her in this world, or else she would not survive. That lesson stuck with her and to this very day she lives by that code. Her mother, Tila, on the other hand was more of an honest woman but not by much. She used seduction on a regular basis to get more coin than what her products were worth. She taught Nera about how men only take and that a woman must use what was given to her to take back what is hers. With these two people as her parents Nera grew up believing the worst in people and also how to steal back what was "rightfully hers." Her brother, Dariss, was the only honorable one in the Dragen family. He taught Nera how to fight and even had two short blades forged for her right before he left for war. She still uses these short blades today. Darriss taught her to fight for what she believes in and that honor and loyalty were the most noble causes to fight for. He even taught her about the Old Gods and though there are times she wishes she never learned about religion, she has faith in the Old Gods and their ways. Dariss left to fight for Robert's Rebellion under House Stark's banner and never returned. Nera's parents assumed the worst, that he died in battle, and in their grief they left the protection of Winterfell and ventured further down South, heading towards House Fenshaw's region. During this time, the Red Claw bandits were scouring the North and leaving ruin everywhere they went. The Dragen's only had one day left of travel before the reach House Fenshaw's hold when they were attacked by the Red Claws. Nera's father was able to hide her under the fallen wreckage of their cart while he talked to the Red Claws. Neral was never a fighter and tried to talk his way out of the predicament they had fallen in. The Red Claw's leader Duncan Snow seemed to agree with Neral's terms, the Red Claws take everything the Dragen's owned and would leave them be once they did. Duncan Snow took everything the Dragen's had but instead of keeping to his word cut Nera's father down right in front of her eyes. In a fit of rage Nera ran out from her hiding spot, brandishing her newly forged short blades, and rushed at Duncan. Duncan easily overpowered Nera and managed to cut her left eye, damaging her vision permanently. Duncan then grabbed Tila and Nera watched in horror as he cut down her mother as well. Duncan left Nera alive saying only one thing to her before he left, "I take what I want, that's all."
After the Red Claws left Nera, shocked and injured lay beside the bodies of her parents for days before she finally found the strength to get up and give them a proper burial. She somehow managed to make the rest of her day's journey to House Fenshaw's hold and she has been there ever since.

Current Narrative:

She makes a living as a thief and spy for hire. She has no loyalties to anyone, but she absolutely will not work for anyone that has done business with the Red Claws past or present. Her goal in life is to destroy the Red Claws and kill their leader, Duncan Snow. She is very cold and distant, not wanting to get close to anyone, and does her job ruthlessly and skillfully. She utilizes all the skills her family taught her to get the job done and she swears to avenge them the day she is strong enough to do so. While wanting to not make any connections she does make an unlikely friendship with the lord of House Fenshaw's sister, Ranel Fenshaw, even though she would deny it if you asked her. Ranel if a frequent client of hers, and throughout their professional relationship they develop an unlikely friendship in the process. Even though she likes Ranel she never tells her of her other clients that use her to plot against the Fenshaw family. She works for Raynard Fenshaw's scheming advisor, Edgar Fyste, and by working for him she has had some encounters with Raynard's other advisor, Theodan Berikson. Because she has no loyalties to anyone she works for everyone and most don't realize this. She uses her web of information from her clients to further prepare the downfall of the Red Claws and achieve her life long goal, revenge.


With House Fenshaw avenging Lord Raynard Fenshaw's untimely demise they leave King's Landing and return to House Fenshaw's keep in the North. Edgar's status and authority diminish over the years, and he is unable to ever take hold of the power he once had. Having always thought of Nera as a daughter he asks her to take his position as advisor the Lady Ranel and House Fenshaw. Nera accepts, and finally comes out of the shadows. No longer a spy or a thief. With her friendship to Ranel she is able to give her sound advice and Theodan seems to warm up to Nera as well. Raynard is rarely mentioned anymore, out of respect for Lady Ranel who never truly grieved her brother's death. She made it House Fenshaw's mission to eradicate all of the bandits of the North in order to further avenge her brother's death. Nera and Theodan both work tirelessly to make this dream a reality and both lead many men into battles against the bandits. Nera never forgot her dream of revenge against Duncan Snow and pursued the Red Claws more than any other bandit group. She asked Emond to further train her for the fateful day when she finally meets Duncan Snow. He agrees and together they work on her combat skills, while she teaches him the art of stealth in return. News finally reaches Nera of Duncan Snow's whereabouts and she sets out to eliminate him on her own. Before she leaves she speaks with Edgar one last time and thanks him for saving her when no one else would. Edgar warns her about confronting Duncan Snow alone but she ignores his advice, blinded by the idea of her revenge finally being achieved. She meets Duncan Snow on the White Hill. His bandits surround him but he tells them to stand down as he faces Nera one on one. Surprisingly he remembers her and how he murdered her parents. He makes no taunts as he fights her fairly, giving her the chance to "take what she wants." The battle is long and hard and it seems as if Nera might win but she makes a fatal mistake and is struck through the chest with Duncan's sword. As he leaves her to die, bleeding out onto the snowy hilltop she reflects on her life and wishes that she could've avenged her parents but is glad she will finally be able to see them again as she takes her final breath.


Short Term: Complete whatever tasks her clients have asked of her.
Mid: Gather as much information as she can about the Red Claw Bandits, specifically their weaknesses.
Long Term: Destroy the Red Claw Bandits and kill their leader, Duncan Snow, to get her revenge.

Relationships (PC's):

1. Ryan's Character: Theodan Berikson (suspicious of her working with Edgar)
2. Mike's Character: Edgar Fyste (hires her for his own scheming purposes)
3. Erin's Character: Aiana Bayle (spy in the stormlands, contact for information)

Relationships (NPC's):

1. Ranel Fenshaw
2. Duncan Snow
3. Ethon Hogg

Notice 1B

Short Blades 1B
Street Wise 1B
Track 1B
Slight of Hand, Steal 2B

Destiny Points: 5


1) Short Blade Fighter I: Short Blades increase piercing by 1
2) Guttersnipe- Reroll a # of 1's rolled on thievery test equal to the # of bonus dice in the specialty that best applies (minimum of 1 reroll)
3) Sinister- During the first round of every combat or intrigue you gain a +2 bonus to your combat defense and intrigue defense


1) Fear- Have to pick an object of fear (Small spaces), -1D on all tests, roll a 6 you can overcome your fear
2) Disturbing Habit- Habit people find unsettling (will blatantly ignore questions), +1D on persuasion to intimidate, -1D on all other persuasions
3) Haunted- Past torments you, you take -1D on awareness tests during the 1st round of combat, you may add the # of memory bonus dice to fighting test results

Intrigue Defense
Combat Defense
Full (short blades): 5, None (no armor): 0
agility+athletics_awareness+defensive bonus

will ranks x 3
endurance rank x3