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Name: Nemisport
Location: Westerlands, Sunfall Coast
Type: Holding
Size: Port/Coast+Small Town Size
Condition: Pristine Condition
Inhabitants: Fulgrim Quake, The Eisen Guard, The Dauntless Fleet, Lanner Chandyll

Nemisport, the life blood of House Eisengold, founded in ancient times along the same time as the house itself. Located directly south of the Bane Fort at the bay closely neighboring Pyke. Trading has always been the main focus of House Eisengold, more specifically sea trade. By being in close proximity to the ocean and the Filos River, Nemisport has excelled in coastal and inland trade. Becoming a major trading port for the Westerlands, ships from all over the world land here to sell their wares and export good to other parts of the world.

Most inhabitants of Nemisport practice some sort of trade in order to keep their families afloat. Thus making most residents adept in many skills and techniques to service their day to day lives. The other residents of Nemisport would either be apart of The Eisen Guard or House Eisengold itself.

Nemisport is for the most part a peaceful and clean place due to its several garrisons regulating crime and villainy. However is does succumb to a few raider attacks every now and then on the fringes of House Eisengold's territory and along the Filos River. But due to The Dauntless Fleet few have attempted to raid its assets at sea.

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