external image HW2a.jpgName: Nasty Riddle
Category: Item/beer
Size/weight: 160lbs a keg, 16 ounces a pint
Rarity: Common
Value: 1 copper penny/pint
Uses: Drink

Location: Waterfront and medium-low taverns of King's Landing and Ogden's Hovel


A brew popular in the Waterfront, Nasty Riddle is a strong stout beer with a strange aftertaste. Visitors often dislike it, but locals and peasants insist it's an acquired taste. That lingering flavor separates it from other drinks, and Riddle’s cheap enough to find even among taverns in Flea Bottom. While less popular among better parts of the city, its novelty does keep it in limited rotation among the middle tier of establishments. Some nobles might serve it to guests for a joke and novelty, but Nasty Riddle is hardly a kingly drink.
No one knows what exactly gives it the unique flavor, though many attribute it to the water. However, that line of thinking leads many to stop asking questions about where their drinks come from. It is made with imported grain, but the rest of the refinement and fermentation takes place in King’s Landing. Since many people don’t attempt to investigate further, the concoction earned its name of “Nasty Riddle.”
A barrel or two of the beer often find their way into negotiations to buy eyes, ears, or swords in Flea Bottom and Ogden’s Hovel.

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