servant_girl_by_danai_k-d6aqwrg.jpgName: Nalia
Age: 17
Sex: Female
Archetype: Servant
Location: Noble's Nest
Affiliations: N/A

Character Background and Description
Nalia was born in Flea Bottom alley to her impoverished mother. From an earlier age, Nalia struggled in most aspects of her life. Her mother taught and encouraged her daughter to beg for food, a practice she began to resent as she got older. Soon, it became harder to get what she wanted by begging, forcing the young woman to steal what they needed. The constant looks of disgust and scorn the upper classes gave her family grated on her immensely. Frustrated with her circumstances and sick of begging, Nalia began looking for alternatives.

She washed herself in the sea and, after stealing some "proper" clothes, set off to look for work. After being laughed out of one interview because of her "low-breeding" and ignorance, Nalia had enough. Unwilling to endure further embarrassment, Nalia decided to check out one last spot before giving up and leaving the city. She heard Noble's Nest needed some help maintaining the building and tending to visitors. Immediately after entering, the young girl was amazed by the splendor of its class and design. Nalia became further amazed when the caretaker Lexia Hergold treated her with some respect and eventually gave her a job.

Currently, Nalia still works at the Noble's Nest. While she still has some disdain for the nobility, time and proximity has softened her somewhat. Most of the nobles ignore her when they don't want something, allowing her to easily eavesdrop on them while they gossip. This easy access to information has made her desirable as an informant, though few use her as such. Nalia hopes to one day save enough money to buy a farm, capable of providing enough resources where she wouldn't need to depend on anyone ever again. Sadly, part of her doubts this will ever happen.

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