fantasy-1941-oneida-community-tudor-plate-silverplate-cream-ladle-server-serving_5.jpgName: Myna
Category: Soup Ladle
Size/weight: 16 inches long, 6.4 ounces
Rarity: Common
Value: Priceless
Uses: Serving soup, adding emphasis to rants, companionship

Location: with Sibas Qorgyle

Myna was once just a simple soup ladle, used by the Raist brothers at Raist's Respite. She was soon discovered by the mad thief Sibas Qorgyle, who decided to "liberate" her from her captors. On his way to Brackwell Brewers, Sibas talked to the ladle, beginning the connection that would spawn a lasting friendship. He gave her the name of "Myna" and took her everywhere he traveled from that day forth. Myna can often be found resting on Sibas's belt or being waved in the air during one of his rants. Despite what Sibas claims, there is no proof that Myna can speak, leading many to believe she is just an ordinary ladle. According to Sibas, Myna is quite shy so she might not talk in front of people or will whisper in his ear. Apparently, Myna is a gifted singer and poet, but few have heard blessed by her voice. While Myna will often agree with Sibas, the arguments they have during a disagreement are supposedly great spectacle, often enhanced by audience participation.

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