Name: Mother's Mercy 9ae6b0844494bf8b7b91289593793483.jpg
Category: Surgery tools
Size/weight: 5 lbs
Rarity: unique
Value: almost worthless
Uses: Crude Surgery (or effective murder)

Location: Back-Alley Surgery

A kit used for surgery by the "maester" of the
Back-AlleySurgery shack, It contains several rusty devices each more horrifying than the last. From eye scoops to several large cleavers, many of the tools contained within seem more suited to a butcher than a surgeon.
Infact there are several oddities such as rusty lockpicks and wooden stakes
(provided by the local Sharpened Stick Shop) contained within. Most of the tools are made from crude iron and caked in a think layer of blood. They also seem to be of varying make or design, implying the kit was put together over time.