external image latest?cb=20150226162151Name: Mother's Embrace
Category: Medicine
Size/weight: Small Glass Vile, 5oz.
Rarity: Extreamly Rare
Value: 500ss
Uses: Cure all for poison's

Location: Our Lady In White

Description: A white milky substance that can be perceived with different shades of colors depending on the light. This rare and mysterious substance has slowly making its way into the common streets of King's Landing from what at first seemed to be out of no where. It has been discovered only within this past year as a almost cure all for most poisons that plague King's Landing. When a person is afflicted with a deadly poison if gotten to in time drink the whole bottle they will become comatose for 7 days. At the end of the time period they awaken to be free of the poison as if they were never infected to begin with. The name of this miracle concoction came from the first people who have taken it in order to save themselves and awoke with tales of long visions of a pure white woman draped in white cloth nurturing them back to health. It was not until the recent months that the liquid was being distributed by the order of the White Maidens.