Name: Morgan Veritas
Age: 2241WhLMNTbyL._SX342_.jpg
Sex: Female
Archetype: Nurse/Servant
Location: Fairgarden Clinic
Affiliations: None

Character Background and Description

Morgan's parents both came from very wealthy merchant families so it is no surprise that you might find the young woman spending time at the Fairgarden Clinic. However, the time she spends at the hospital is not as a patient but as a caretaker. Because Morgan's parents had to earn their money, they also view that their daughter learn the importance of hard work to gain money as well. This suited Morgan just fine as she always had wanted to visit the Fairgarden Clinic and now with her parents influence, got to work inside it. Handling much of the basic care of patients, the aspiring young women also did her best to learn from some of the scholars and doctors that worked within the marble halls.

Ever since she was a young girl Morgan had dreamed of being able to help people through some kind of medicine. In fact she would even get lost in thought about how her work could save someone’s life and that person could be a young noble of some house. These dreams of nursing some young noble from a war back to health at the clinic have even managed to stay with her since she began working at the clinic although her hopes are severely diminished as the work is far less glamorous than it first appeared to her as a young girl. Now with three years under her belt at the clinic she is starting to move up in the hospitals hierarchy and all the while the little girl inside her is still excited for a change to meet her prince.