Name: Mirage PassMiragePass.png
Location: Dorne
Type: Road
Size: Vast
Condition: Solid road for travel

Inhabitants: Merchants, Travelers, Bandits


Nobody knows exactly how Mirage Pass came to be formed, some say it was formed during the Targaryen invasion of Dorne. The story goes that Rhaenys Targaryen’s dragon Meraxes had scorched the desert while traveling over Dorne many years ago creating a path in the sand. Others may tell you that the Pass was formed hundreds of years before that time by The Smith of the 7 as he dragged his hammer across the scorching desert. Mirage Pass cuts through the stormy deserts of Barren Heel and ends past the Crimson Keep by Sanctuary Lake. Mirage Pass is the only known road that can take you to The Crimson Keep home of House Sekhmet. Being the only way to get to Crimson Keep Mirage Pass is controlled and protected by House Sekhmet, you will see guards patrolling this road every now and then. The Mirage Pass is also the only supply road that connects Sanctuary Lake to The Lakeview Commons so many fishermen from the market travel this pass to sail on the lake and make their fortune to sell back in the Market at the Lakeview Commons.