NPeasantWomanWithGreenKerchief.jpgame: Milah Teague
Age: 30
Sex: Female
Archetype: Food-Taster
Location: Tempest Hold

Affiliations: (if any (noble house, guild, etc.): Milah is affiliated with House Rhyferth. She is the food-taster for Channer Rhyferth, and was previously a cook.

Character Background and Description

Milah worked on a farm for House Selmy with her parents. When she turned 17 she found a husband who too became a farmer. She was nervous about the arrangement and unsure whether she would like him but fell in love and to this day that love remains. Eventually her husband started farming the land for House Rhyferth around Tempest Hold. Soon they had a child, and life was pleasant. She began cooking in Tempest Hold for Ronard Rhyferth and when he passed her life took a turn for the sour. Channer blamed the kitchen staff for the death of his brother and berated them constantly. Their job became a horror and her only salvation was her time back with her husband. Channer forced her to become the food-taster so that if poison slipped into his food she would be the one to die instead of him. He constantly reminded her about how any day she could find herself slowly dying.

Then one day Cerran Fender convinced her to slip poison into Channer’s food while she was taking it to him. She ate from the safe portion, and Channer ate the rest. She did it in fear of what would come of her if she continued tasting Channer’s food. She couldn’t leave her husband and child. She loves them too much and Cerran Fender exploited that. She prays every day that Channer will get better; she doesn’t want to be a murderer.

Appearance: She is a pretty woman even though she lives the hard life of a peasant. Recently her eyes are red from weeping and dark bags and wrinkles have surfaced. She has brown hair and eyes as grey as the Stormlands. She wears modest clothing and keeps it clean so that Channer won’t have one more thing to yell at her about.

Demeanor: She is fearful and antsy. Her gaze rarely meets another’s any longer than it has to. She walks briskly with her head down. Since working for Channer as the food-taster she has developed a slight stutter.

Possessions: She has few posessions except for her clothes and her husband’s farm.

Motivations: Milah wants to live with her husband and child and get away from House Rhyferth. Unfortunately she cannot tell her husband what she did and could never convince her husband to move anyway. She wishes to be a cook again and hopes that if Channer passes she will be allowed to do so.