GreenBurgundy-Saxon-Merchant.jpgName: Melevik Dounis
Age: 56
Sex: Male
Archetype: Merchant/Schemer
Location: Noble's Nest
Affiliations: His business

Character Background and Description
Melevik is a man who specializes in getting people the things that they want, whether it's liqueur, fresh boar, gold chain, plate mail, or even secrets. He's spent his many years establishing a trade network across the eastern coast, with himself at the center, and many of those within the web also double as a modest spy network, from which Dounis draws his more valuable income.

He has two sons that manage the northern and southern ends of his trade empire, though he rarely sees them, a fact that has changed little over the years. Instead, he concerns himself with the workings of the Great Game, and how best to exploit it for the greatest profit. This has left him a cold, deceitful man, with few people who would truly call him 'friend'. That's not to say he doesn't have allies though.

Melevik's trade partners come from across the lands of Westeros, ranging from the cold shores of White Harbor, to the shining seas of Sunspear. They all trust his business sense, but only so long as they can guarantee that their success is dependent on his own. There is one man however, who does trust Melevik further than his purse strings, Alix Himan, who he has known and worked with for fifteen years, since the days of Robert's Rebellion. The two of them share the memories of profiting off of those violent times, and that binds them together in a strange sort of comradery that has only been strengthened by years of mutually benfical dealings.