external image b7d357f0f638961314670dc71146b59e.jpgName: Maester Tobin
Age: 25
Sex: Male
Archetype: Maester
Location: Sarsfield Library
Affiliations: Maesters

Character Background and Description
Tobin now is a respected Maester in King’s Landing. He is often found teaching and expanding his knowledge at the Sarsfield Library. His specialty is in Alchemy, but Tobin prefers to teach rather than research. Many young men who go on to the Citadel in the future stop by the library to receive an early education from Tobin.

After his graduation from the Citadel, Tobin moved directly to King’s Landing to take up his post at the library. The gigantic repository for knowledge has become his primary residence. Tobin has acquired a knowledge of its layout so detailed that every book’s location is indexed in his mind. He also frequently leaves notes in the books he reads for future patrons of the library to enjoy. Some of his notes even include stories of his youth in the Maester school, because of this Tobin has essentially become the mascot of the library.

Occasionally Tobin will make house calls to ailing lords, during this time he leaves a note at the entrance of the library with a suggestion of a good book and an assurance of his return. He is known in King’s Landing for having exceptional bedside manner and often gives palliative care to dying lords and friends.

Tobin also pays visit to The Thorn Shrine, to try and decipher the riddles from The Book of the North. It has become a hobby of his to discover it's secrets and learn more about the illustrious king's landing.

Among his collection of stories he shares with those he meets, Tobin often recounts a friend(Laerra Waynwood) who’s name he never knew, but caused the whole Citadel to be overturned in a night. He warns those who would go on to learn at the Maester School to never bring secrets with them.