external image 350px-Maester_Duity.jpgName: Maester Kober
Age: 55
Sex: Male
Archetype: Maester
Location: Tempest Hold
Affiliations: House Rhyferth

Character Background and Description
During the wise leadership of Ronard Rhyferth, Maester Kober came to work for house Rhyferth just after forging his chain at The Citadel. Coming into service relatively young, Kober was eager to assist Ronard in any way he could. During his time as lord, Ronard and Kober came to become good friends. In fact, Ronard even told Kober of the secret the house was founded on, and the guilt he felt for using the death of his half brother Garon Selmy in order to create his own noble house. Nonetheless, Kober stood by Ronard, even through King Robert's war.

When Ronard died, Kober was distraught. Knowing that his death was unnatural because of his training as a Maester, he searched for any way to prove what he knew to be true: that Channer Rhyferth, Ronard's younger brother, was the murderer. But Kober could not move conspicuously, as Channer would surely have eyes on him. Without any shred of evidence to work with other than his belief that Channer was responsible, Kober could not continue his investigation. This would ultimately end of his attempt to bring justice to Channer.

Unable to find the source of the poison that killed Ronard, Kober retreated into a silent shell. Here he remained, until Channer's son and heir exhibited behavior not unlike his deceased friend and lord. He established a good relationship with the child, and taught him much.

When the wealth of House Rhyferth was almost expended, Cerran Fender came to Kober with a proposition. He asked for a poison that would kill someone over a great length of time, when ingested steadily, and told him of his plan to kill Channer and instill the heir as the new lord. Seeing his chance to enact revenge upon the traitorous Channer. Kober obliged Cerran and gave him just such a poison.