external image latest?cb=20141124163200Name: Maester Gylan
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Archetype: Maester
Location: Sarsfield Library, wandering the streets
Affiliations: Maester

Character Background and Description
A young Maester, Gylan began on the path of the Maesters when he was 9. Gylan took the vows of the Maesters to the extreme, and in giving up his family he also chose to conceal and forget his past. What little is known, is that he is a bastard child who was sent far away from home. It is rumored he was to be sent to the Night's Watch, but on the journey forged his orders to change his destination. Gylan is a pacifist and is unable to kill anyone or raise a sword. He will even refuse to kill those who beg for death or who lie in bed waiting for it to come. This has made him seem less trustworthy to some, but he is determined that life will always find a way.

Gylan currently resides at the Sarsfield Library on most days, though has been known to take a day or two off from study to immerse himself in the city. He use to carry many healing herbs and poultices with him, helping those less fortunate on the streets. But his healing salves fetched quite a pretty price in the right places, and he began to notice the rate he was pickpocketed increasing. Now he hands out leaflets, letting those less fortunate know where they can ask for his help. Sadly, Gylan fails to realize that the people he hands these leaflet to are illiterate.

In the Sarsfield Library, Gylan keeps up a constant study. While more often than not he researches areas of study within the Maesters, he is rather superstitious for his affiliation, and believes there must exist a cure to death in some far corner of the world. In this manner, Gylan is determined to make something of his life, helping as many people as he can. He is also sure to offer his help to any patrons of the library he sees in need, which has given him a relatively comfortable life. A few have even offered to give him a more permanent job, but he has refused them all as politely as he can.

He has two chains, black iron (ravenry) and silver (medicine and healing). He is working towards a lead chain (poison).

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