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Name: Maester Cayde
Age: 55
Sex: Male
Archetype: Maester, Healer
Location: Fairgarden Clinic
Affiliations: Maester's of Oldtown

Character Background and Description

Cayde Knott was born to a poor family in Oldtown, however due to a complication during childbirth, his mother was lost. Throughout his youth, his father would remind him of this fact and would become increasingly distant until Cayde reached manhood. At which point, Cayde’s father dumped his son and hopped on the first ship headed to King’s Landing.
With no family or other options left, a youthful Cayde turned to the citadel, vowing to save as many lives as he could by any means necessary. Throughout his time he achieved acclaimed ranks in healing, history, and the occult. Upon the final completion of his maester’s chain, Cayde found a position working in king's landing, in hopes of finding his long lost father.
His first, and current position, at the Fairgarden Clinic has been bittersweet. While the position helped further the pursuit of his father, it forced him to sometimes reject patients on the basis of funds and cost. Overtime, the voice of his conscience would die with the search for his father.
These days, Cayde has entered the sunset of his life, and as the years pass, the need to help people has grown with his ego as a proficient healer. He is prone to fight with anyone that questions his diagnosis as well as ideal treatment out of a fear that they might take the wrong treatment. In addition, he has grown in his knowledge of the occult beyond his early years, unbeknownst to the Oldtown maesters. In some cases, he actively implements black magic as a source for healing.
In his years in king’s landing, he has not found evidence that his father ever made it to the city, and yearns for some information regarding his father’s fate.