Name: LyonhallLyonhall.jpg
Location: Westerlands
Type: Hall
Size: Medium
Condition: Old, but well-maintained and upgraded
Inhabitants: Jorrel Eisengold, Bradyn Eisengold, Nkosazana Hill, Zyre Oakwood, Tugg, Feyana Deirei, Tian Rui, Lanner Chandyll, Fulgrim Quake, Benu, The Eisen Guard, additional Eisengold retainers

Lyonhall, the seat of House Eisengold's power, can trace its history back to the Age of Heroes when it was first built by Eurys Eisen. Fleeing the Iron Islands, Eurys and his new wife Eulia travelled down the coast of what is today the Westerlands. Reaching a small inlet just south of the Banefort, Eurys commissioned Lyonhall to be built as a home and base of operations. Most historians agree that the name derives from the sea lions that can be found lounging around the rocks around the coast area. However, some historians posit the the hall's name is derived from the mythical Sea Lion, claimed to have guided Eurys through a particularly nasty form during his flight from the Iron Islands, though no specific evidence has been found in the histories to support this claim.

Beginning as a modest dwelling, built largely of wood at its inception, Lyonhall has seen considerable renovations over the years as the Eisengolds have come into their fortunes. Lyonhall now stands in stone, with additional defenses such as a surrounding wall. To this day, Lyonhall remains the seat of power for the Eisengold family and their retainers. Most recently, Jorrel Eisengold has hired Lanner Chandyll to add additional fortifications to Lyonhall, to protect against the rekindled ire of the Iron Islands in the wake of Greyjoy's Rebellion.